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The Advantages Of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix is concrete which has been premixed in order to be used as soon as possible when at a site. What this means is that the concrete will not have to be mixed on the site, allowing more time for the actual use of the material.

Ready mix concrete manufacturers will ensure that your batch is made to the specifications needed for your job, which makes it a lot easier to simply start using the concrete.

Although it is stated that this material is made for much smaller, less complicated jobs, ready mix concrete manufacturers have designed a material which can be used for larger jobs. There are three types of ready mix concrete, all are supplied by Pretoria Ready Mix, namely transit or truck mixed, shrink mixed and central mix. Ready mix concrete suppliers will ensure that you choose a specific mixture according to your preference.

Transit/Truck Mixing

Transit or truck mixed concrete is complied together at the home base, and will be mixed throughout the journey in the mixing truck. There are cases where the concrete will be mixed to a certain degree in the truck, and then completely mixed at the job site on arrival.

The reason for this type of ready mix concrete is that the water is kept divided from the cement, ensuring that when the concrete is mixed in, the substance will not harden before use. This method also helps in terms of a truck having to travel long distances, making sure that the material does not harden before arrival.

This method also helps in terms of a truck having to travel long distances, making sure that the material does not harden before arrival. Pretoria Ready Mix would recommend this type of mixture especially if the plant and job site is far from each other as it will ensure that you are not wasting money or time.

Shrink Mixing

A quality cement and ready mix concrete manufacturer would suggest shrink mixed concrete if you would like to decrease the volume which the mixture is taking up. This allows for the easy moving of the transit mixed concrete, which will be shrunk in order to improve the amount of cement the truck will be able to carry.

The more the truck can carry, the less trips it will have to make, meaning that once the semi mixed concrete arrives, it can be fully mixed at site and used straight away.

Central Mixing

Central mixed concrete is ready mix concrete which has been fully mixed before it has been loaded into the mixer truck. Depending on the quantity and quality you need, central mixing is best for jobs which require less cement than other larger jobs. This type of mixture is used quickly when arriving at the destination as to not harden completely before use.

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